Baby Cal Kings from Light phase Ghost pair

Some absolute stunners here. Lets start off with a SUPER Light Ghost male. Ive only ever hatched 4 of these.

Some other really nice ones -

Here is a Casper (Ghost x Albino combo) male. Could/should be a Light phase Casper but its impossible to know for sure.

And some more-average looking Light Ghosts.

Which one is your favorite?
All of these are listed on MorphMarket .


They’re all nice! My favorites are #4 and #6.

That first one is particularly amazing!


Yep! Hes super!

One of my top 5 hatches from this year easily…
The super light Ghost male from this clutch.
Another future breeder of mine.
Just posted a new video of him on instagram, @FedzenReptiles if you want to check it out.