Baby Central American Boa

I got this guy a few weeks ago and want genuine advice on my husbandry for him. He is currently ~1.5ft and is from July ‘21. I also don’t know his genetics so I’m not entirely sure how big he’ll get but I’m assuming it’ll still relatively be small, 5-8ft. Once he gets bigger I’ll be upgrading him to a 8’•4’•6’ pvc enclosure.
(Sorry if the image may crop out some of the enclosure, this is the only image I have at the moment of it all whilst I’m out)


If he really is Central American, he definitely won’t be 8 feet, more like 5 feet or less. There is nothing wrong with keeping him in the large enclosure you have planned as an adult, but he won’t absolutely require it. I keep adult Central American Boa Constrictors in 5’ x 2’ enclosures. As for husbandry advice, I don’t know exactly what you are looking for, but feel free to ask specific questions.


I only say 8’ because I’ve heard of central boas being mixed and getting up to 8’ so it was just a range^^ thank you so much for the cage advice. Tho I’m hoping for him to get massive I’ll take a peak into smaller enclosures!!

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