Baby Corn Snake Poop

I got a baby snow corn! He is adorable and I love him so much! He is my first snake so I am still learning in a lot of ways, so sorry if this is a weird or stupid question. . . After my corn snake eats he poops a couple days later but because of his transparent snow scales I can see he still has some inside of him. Should I be concerned? This has been happening for a couple weeks now. He always seems to have some inside. I am wondering if it is something about his enclosure, i.e. not hot enough on the warm side, or something. Thanks!

Nope nothing to be concerned about (use it as an early warning system when holding). Corns poop multiple times between feedings. Colubrids in general do this. As long as he’s eating, pooping, and active you’ll be okay. If he stops any of those things then go see a vet.

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