Baby fat tailed Gecko

This is “Royston” a White out Oreo. I also have a het oreo named “Vasey”


I love the lights and how cute he looks!


Oh look at that little one 🥲 I love them so small! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have a striped Oreo whiteout, touch wood her and my Amel… ‘get it on’ :joy:


I used to breed amel, zero, WO and skunk stripe. Sadly parted with them a while back… I now only have This guy, a female het oreo and a trio of skunk stripe. Deffo on the hunt for tangerine amel. Sassy things are fatties


There’s a breeder of tangerine Amels in the uk as I was going to get one for my boy, but holding off right now! They fade a lot when older as I’m sure you know. Nothing like your Leo’s that’s for sure, they’re just so bright and vibrant🤩

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Yes there’s a couple. I need ones from the US they are WOW

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Was it Fats & Rhacs?

Oh yes I think it was!