Baby gecko ID help

I’ve done thing once before and you guys were able to help so I’m back again. This is my first season hatching leopard geckos and I’m still not 100% on identifying morphs in the babies especially Mack Snow so I was wondering if anyone could help me ID these babies. Pairing was Raptor x Tremper Mack Snow White & Yellow pos. Het Eclipse. They aren’t Raptors I know that but I’m not sure if either one is a tremper mack snow.

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I don’t know how to identify W&Y to save my life, but those certainly look like albino babies (as you would expect with two Tremper albino parents). I think Mack Snows normally hatch with an initially sort of ‘smudged’ looking pattern, but I’ve never bred any myself.


Alright, thank you so much. This is only my third clutch so I’m still learning how the different genes look in the babies.

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