Baby hognose thinks I’m food…

Hi everyone! I’m a new snake and hognose owner to a baby boy and am smitten! I’ve had him home for about two weeks and so far he seems to be getting settled nicely. He’s exploring his tank, not seeming defensive if I’m changing his water or otherwise have my hand in the tank, and has had two meals. He eagerly eats too!
Today was the first day I handled him since he’s been home and he seemed to think I was food. He bit me when I went to pick him up (and was easily and gently removed). After that I put him in another box and picked him up from there with no issue of him striking. I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how to get an eager feeder to not think I’m food. My hands were washed and I feed him with tongs in his normal tank so far. I’m happy to work with him but would rather train it out now if possible than wait till he’s older!

Thank you for any advice!

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I have a hoggie that is the opposite of yours. He will hiss and puff up at me when I put my hand in his tub most of the time but he has never bitten me nor attempted to. He also does not cooperate with me to eat from tongs (secretive eater). Maybe if before you get ready to actually pick him up you could gently tap him with the tongs to let him know there is no food in them but it is time for handling.

Also some baby snakes are generally defensive due to a survival mode and may grow out of it……

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I feel like maybe it’s too soon to handle him. You’ve had him 2 weeks. I don’t know about Hoggies but have 3 rosy boas, i keep my interactions to a minimum, with my snakes and let them decide if they want to come out of the tub and to be held. A new baby snake is going to be scared so give him time to adjust. Make sure he has secure hides. Also it isn’t a bad idea to get a snake hook, i use mine and it lets my snakes no theres no food and im not trying to hurt them. Tap training is very helpful ( i had an issue with my baby Orange Crush) she was extremely defensive, bit and struck at me and made 2 escapes 1 was over a month. Another thing is snakes have a great sense of smell so be sure to always wash your hands well to eliminate any possible scents. ( i ate a ham sandwich )once and my big boy bit me didn’t realize i forgot to wash the hands.

I am fairly new to snakes May was my 1st time since momma never allowed me to own a snake.

Almost everything i learned, i learned from the knowledgeable good folks here, so rest assured you are in good hands.

Good luck with your cute baby, PS we need pics!

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Actually your little guy must be super food aggressive because hoggies are such little bluffers that they usually strike with their mouths closed! Lol!

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Thank you both! The tap idea is a good one, I should get a snake hook. He doesn’t show defensive behavior now but he sure did when he was brand new! He strikes at his food the same way he struck at me when he bit me.

I’m glad he’s such a good eater at least haha. He seems to be comfortable in his tank as far as I can tell. He burrows and explores his tank, decor, and hides. He sleeps in the open sometimes too which seems strange to me… But otherwise he seems fairly content. I can certainly give him more space of course if that would help!

And here are a couple pictures. His little peaks are so cute, he’s so fun to watch and just too damn adorable!


He is adorable! That’s unusual IMO that he sleeps in the open though! Lol! He must feel really secure and safe with you!

My little noodle bug has been a hit or miss eater ever since I got him a year and a half ago but I switched his enclosure to a bio active tub recently and he gobbled up his last meal and he is not running his tub anymore. I also switched my house snake, leopard gecko and crested gecko to bio active enclosures as well and they are thriving!

When I figure out how to post pictures lol I will have to share some of my guys!

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