Baby kingsnake not eating

So i have a baby kingsnake as some of you know and I tried to feed her today and she didn’t really care, She smelled it a bit even try to bite but after that, she had no interest. She was recently brought home so idk if thats it and shes in blue. Help me out?

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It is not uncommon for even the most enthusiastic feeder to refuse a meal while in blue.

Also, if I remember correctly from one of your recent posts, didn’t you just receive her within the past couple days? If so, she may still be a bit stressed from the rehoming as she hasn’t been given too much time to settle in. I personally try to leave my newest additions alone for the most part for about one week before attempting their first feeding in my care.

I would recommend waiting for your California Kingsnake to settle in and complete shedding before offering again. If your snake continues to refuse and all of your other husbandry is on point for a baby California Kingsnake, it might be worth contacting the breeder and asking how they kept her (as she should have been actively feeding in their care) and copying their care until she starts being an established feeder in your care.


As @samuraiwack stated, your snake needs at least a week of not being bothered to settle in. Sometimes even two weeks are needed. This means no handling or anything besides giving fresh water. Since you already stressed her with offering food so soon, I would recommend two weeks for a better chance at accepting food later. This is assuming all of your other husbandry is on point.


I agree, snakes can go a long time without food. Wait two weeks without feeding, handling, or disturbing. I would wait 3 or 4 weeks without handling or disturbing but that’s just me. It might take patience but it will be more than worth it in the long run. As also mentioned above copying the breeder’s care might help at first to get her settled in and eating.

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