Baby leopard gecko care

Hey everyone, I currently have a baby leopard gecko on it’s way but am having a hard time looking for proper food such as calcium supplements and I am having a great deal of trouble looking into how to make mist so she can drink from. Can someone help me find a link or tell me how to do it. I was my baby to strive.

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you can use a normal water bowl for them to drink out of and you can find calcium dust at just about any pet store


@prestonrabe is correct. Leopard Geckos do no need misting and will drink standing water. There are two kinds of calcium powder, with D3 and without. Leopard Geckos should get the one with D3. Congrats on your new animal, and kudos for doing your research before the animal arrives.


Calcium supplements are easily found in any store that sells reptile supplies. Online sellers as well. Geckos will drink from small or shallow water dishes. If you want to mist you can simply use a spray bottle. Just don’t make their enviroment too damp. They are extremely easy to care for, so just do some research online and you will find all you need. Flukers makes a good calcium powder. I also use Vionate powder. You mostly only find that from online retailers.

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Proper diet and supplements are important and vital for leopard geckos. Leos that are malnourished or supplement deficient risk health problems and metabolic bone disease. All food can be purchased from pet stores and online. They eat only insects such as crickets, mealworms, superworms, etc. Dust the feeders in the vitamin power and calcium powder with D3 a few times per week. Also leave a small dish of calcium in the your setup at all times. Leos can lick it as needed for calcium.

As for hydrating your leo, you can leave a shallow water dish for them to drink from or you can get a spray bottle and spray the sides of their setup and they can drink the water droplets that way.

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Here are some caresheets from sources that come from varying perspectives. You should read all of them, do further research, and then make your own decisions.

From a veterinary service

A caresheet from my former mentor

From a breeder

From the Royal Veterinary College in London

Melissa Kaplan’s site

From another breeder

A caresheet from a hobbyist magazine

Make sure you have the contact info ready for (1) your local herp vet and (2) your 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital:

Find a herp vet here

Or here. Category is ‘reptile & amphibian’

Or here


baby leos are cute and full of fun, what you need for it to survive and have a good life is the following, You need the right size tank or cage, a water dish, two or more hides, a heating pad on the bottom of the tank, a smaller dish for mealworms and calcium, and a good substrate…I cannot bear calci sand, DO NOT USE CALCI SAND. It will cause impaction and will kill your gecko. You may use paper towels or repti carpet, however there are claims that geckos teeth and claws get stuck sometimes.

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How is the little guy doing? Maybe a picture?


She is such a cutie and loves to eat dubia roaches! She’s at the point where she let’s me pet her but not pick her up. It’s been a fun experience, I honestly thought she was dead one night because she was basking under the heat lamp outside her cave for the first time with her eyes closed. I freaked out and all my commotion woke her up, to my relief :sweat_smile:.