Baby Male Garter Finally Ate!

Guess who ate 2 tiny earthworms & a chunk of frozen, chopped pinky mouse? I’m SO relieved! He’s been with us for 6 days and last night was the first time I have seen him eat! His Liddel Lady Love has eaten like a champ every day, but I got the idea of giving him his own eating space from YouTube because I think her eager eating response was intimidating to him. I’m just SO happy he finally ate!!!


He & she just both took tiny earthworms from tongs (YES!) and then he ate 3 chunks of frozen thawed pinkie mouse on his own from the dish. I didn’t have to separate him today to get him to eat…she wants me to let her go fishing for them, but that’s a really messy way to feed & I’m trying to get her to accept less messy methods of eating. My eventual goal is all tong-Feeding.

I need names for these cuties! :heart_eyes:


I think that cute names would be Prince and Damsel

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How about Arsenic and (Old) Lace? You could then call her Lacey!

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You could name one Des and the other Troy, so they have a pair name Destroy. :smile:

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I think we’ve settled on Mowgli & Kaa…my kiddo is 4&1/2 yo & she wanted to name them snuggles & cuddles teehee

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