Baby Pac Man feeding

Hello frog lovers! I bought a tiny nickel sized Pac Man frog last Saturday. He has eaten 5 small meal worms so far with a lot of coaxing on my part. He is in a bio active enclosure with plenty of hu

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Lol! I did not finish this but posted it anyway by accident! I had feeding questions but I don’t anymore! Lol! I meant to say he has plenty of humility also!

I am such a klutz! But he is eating very well with lots of coaxing!

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I did a lot of research before it I bought him and I am glad I did because Pac Man frogs IMO are very delicate , especially as babies. I feel rather accomplished LOL that he is eating pretty well so far. He seems to like earth worms (pet store) the best so far.

I would post a picture but I don’t know yet! Lol! I am soooo old school! But he is a samurai morph.

Here is a picture of my baby Pac Man named “Green Bay”. He is growing but still about the size of a nickel. I did not realize how much care is involved when growing one up from this size! I am totally infatuated with my little GB Packer!

Can you find him? Lol!

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