Baby Sand Boa Seems lethargic

She used to very curious when being held and today she is just a lot less active when holding when we put her back in her tank she goes back to hiding as usual.

In order to help you, we need some information about how you are caring for your sand boa.

1)Describe your setup including specific sizes, temperatures, type of substrate.
2)Describe your feeding regimen (what? how often? does the snake ever refuse?).
3)Describe how often and for how long you are handling.
4)How old is your sand boa and what is it’s weight?

This information will allow us to see if there are any problems that could be fixed.

Another one is; how long have you had your snake?

Was just about to add that.

I read your mind. (◎_◎) :joy:

She is in a 20 gallon tank temperature is 94 with humidity is 27 substrate is play sand .
She has been eating a thawed frozen pinky every week and no issue ever refusing.
She is held about an hour every day between feedings not held within 24-48 hours after feeding.
Don’t know age she does weigh 12g and we have had her going on three weeks now.

An hour is way too long to handle your snake. 10-15min is a better bet. Really long handling sessions every day will stress a tiny baby snake out. Cut down to handling twice a week for 10-15min. Also, a 20 gallon tank is too big for a 12g snake. Put her in something much smaller (shoe box size) until she is a couple years old. Both of these changes will work to greatly reduce her stress.

Another suggestion (although unrelated to your problem): Play sand is not really an appropriate substrate for your sand boa, by most people’s standards. Aspen is a much better idea.

Another thing, is 94 the temperature in the whole tank? Or is that just the hotspot? Also, did you give her a week alone before you ever handled her? And @westridge is correct on sand of any kind not being best for them (or any reptile in most cases). Aspen is such safer and prevents impaction, among other things.

Do you feed her in tank? If so sand could have been ingested and is blocking her, making her feel bad. Get her into aspen chips as soon as you can, limit handling like others have said, and personal opinion is to feed in a small container outside of her tank.

No only in a small tank with no substrate.