Baby saw no eating

Hey I just want to ask for some advice on Savs. I got a baby a few weeks ago and at the store he ate 3 crickets. Got him home and set up in his enclosure. Question is that it’s been very active and attentive but I haven’t seen him eat at all. I keep dubias in a bowl and he only ate from tongs once. He’s been drinking and hiding and basking. What more can I do? Temps are 70-110 from cold to hot side. I have force fed twice because he has got up to 8 days without eating. It’s about 10 inches long. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


I don’t work with monitor’s specifically but I know it’s common in a lot of specifies to go on “hunger strike” right after being moved to a new environment. It some times can last a couple weeks. So if he just got home I wouldn’t stress too much just yet. I’m sure some monitor people will have additional advice.


I really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.


Is it possible to post pictures of the little one?
It may help to see what the current body condition looks like.
‘a few weeks’ is a long time for a baby monitor to not eat and body condition is definitely a concern for me at that point.

Are dubias actually disappearing from the bowl? Cause if he’s wary of you, which most new monitors are, they won’t eat in front of you. He’d most likely eat when he feels safer…and being force fed will not make him feel safe.

If the dubias are disappearing from the bowl and not showing up in his enclosure, then he must be eating them.
I would make sure to leave a sprinkle of vitamin/calcium in the bowl to make sure he’s at least getting a little bit of them if he’s not eating from tongs.