Baby Troubles pt.2

Since the visit for the legs, the vet had given her a painkiller, and she has one toe that was red and still has it’s nail. We first noticed her toe last time she shed, so my theory is that she’s nipping at the toe during shed making it bleed, but it’s been healing and it doesn’t look like she bit at it again. She’s also started eating more, she eats 5 to 7 mealworms a day, we had some dubias available so we bought those and she ate probably around 20 of those. (I will get more) idk if it’s the toe, and I really hope she isn’t throwing it up or something.

took both of the pictures at the time of posting and she is in shed.

it might be because of her goofy walk that she’s scratching herself

Usually stuff like that is either because of getting caught on substrate, prey items loose in the cage and getting hungry and eating the gecko, or shedding problems related to not having a humid hide that is properly made, maintained, and positioned.

Not sure what I’m looking at in the first pic.

it’s blood on the white tile. After she finished shedding it’s healed up and is no longer red, So if she bleeds again i’ll know she’s scratching herself with her walk

I’m kind of confused- I thought her bad leg was on her left side- the affected toe was on her right, I thought?

Yeah, so long as you make sure it’s not any of the stuff I mentioned, that’s a possibility. I think it’s far less likely that the injury was because of her walk than any of those things, but it’s possible. Leos constantly have trouble with dysecdysis, with the toes getting irritated or even necrotic and falling off.

Yes, we help her with her toes, but both her front right and back left are her bad legs, both were messed up likely from birth

This is kind of embarrassing, but it was actually the vitamins I was giving them, some vitamin dust was on the tablets and when I’d give them a little spray during shedding it would show up red a while later. I realized it was just the vitamin when it happened to my boy leo as well

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