Baby variable kingsnake won't eat

I got a baby variable kingsnake last month (August 2023) and at first he was doing just fine, the breeder said he had eaten 4 frozen thawed pinkies and he ate 2 in the first couple weeks I had him, even taking a pinkie from me while I was holding him. Recently though, in the past few weeks, he hasn’t eaten anything. I’ve offered him pinkies and he will sometimes sniff them but most of the time he just kind of shies away from them. He’s very active and very calm but he just won’t eat. I’ve tried warming the pinkies up to room temp, using warm water, using a heat lamp, but he won’t take anything. I’m going to try a live pinky and if that doesn’t work, maybe scenting one with a lizard, but beyond that I have no idea what to do. I’ve owned kingsnakes for years and never had one refuse food for weeks at a time. He’s not in shed or anything right now.

I had him on aspen at first but I transferred him to paper towels so I could up the humidity and prevent impaction. He’s got lots of enrichment in his cage, clean water and an overhead light, albeit no direct heat. The temperature is 80-85F during the day and I mist his enclosure daily.


Try rubbing the pinky in dirt outside or dipping it in boiling water. That removed the smell and sometimes does the trick.

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Has he managed to eat yet?

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