Baby veiled chameleon

i just bought a baby vieled chameleon about a month old ,i put him in a 16x16x30 exo terra repti breeze , he has lots of plants things to climb on and foliage and only some of the bottom is open ,he has a long uvb light that stretches all the way across the enclosure diagonally ,and a 60 watt night heat bulb for during the day ,hes in my room by a window and i mist him around 4 times throughout the day ,i feed him small,medium crickets dusted with calcium and ive had him for a couple days and i can tell hes stressed and i was wondering if there was anything i could do to improve his life and help with stress


I don’t know much about these…All I’d say is careful you don’t have a ton of sun light coming in thru the window and roast the lil dude. They can be such fragile animals. I wish you the best on your new acquisition.


Can he see out 4 sides? Depending where you’re at are you going to be able to keep the temperature and humidity well in a screen enclosure? Move him away from the window so it doesn’t overheat him and cover 3 sides of the enclosure with something so he can’t see out and feel like he’s exposed.