Babys first meal

Hello, I had a quick question on the timing of the first meal of hatchlings. So i had my first ever clutch hatch out a week ago (all healthy, no duds), and they are all going into blue for their first shed. Im guessing in the next 2-3 days they will have their first shed. Problem is, thanks to the air force I’m going on a short notice training TDY for 2 weeks leaving tomorrow (the 4th) and will be out of state (terrible timing of course!) My wife is fairly capable, however shes not very confident on giving them their first meal and all, how detrimental would it be for them to wait until i get back on july 16th? (They hatched on June 26th for reference) if i had to i maybe could facetime woth her to help her with it. Thanks for any input and happy 4th!


Generally I feed a week after shed. However I think that your wife offering the first feeding would be beneficial, if they don’t eat it probably won’t be an issue. The problem your going to run it is if these training events happen routinely then you will find your babies won’t grow as fast and some may not get enough nutrients… it would be ideal if your wife could be back up for that.


Luckily this is a one and done, i specifically took this job because it doesnt travel often hah, so much for that…but after this ill be good.

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What species? If you’re confident in someone else’s abilities to handle this for you then go for it. If there’s a chance then there’s no issue in waiting. It may not be ideal but shouldn’t be an issue either. It’s not much different than a difficult 1st feeder that refuses it’s 1st few attempts.

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They can go awhile if need be. I have babies who have not had a first meal for a few weeks. They will eat eventually. Of course it’s probably better to feed sooner to get them started but I don’t think an extra week will hurt.

Good news is i face timed with my wife after they all shed, and all 5 babys ate with no hesitation (they get that from dad i think, haha)