Backyard breeders ruining market for a quick sale

Can we stop posting geckos for half the price they would go for … ya know people actually invest alot of money on thier breeders so its not right we got beeders selling good quality tangs for 75 they can easily get 150 200 a gecko thats disgusting and ridiculous go to youre local expo and do that i remember whrn i first started breeding there was respect for other breeders and a standard now we got people breeding that cant even sell thier animals so they post them super cheap its disgusting makes me not ecen want to be part of the hobby anymore like if you cant sell youre stuff stop producing i do sales all the time and i cant even compete. I love what i do i take pride in what i do this is my life and i will not underprice my geckos because some person wants to make a quick dollar…everything’ else is going up in price so ahould our animals stop ruining the market… … half of them arnt even breeders they are people that buy wholesale to flip animals…what can we do to stop this


I think thats one drawback of free markets. Some people shop my price point others shop by quality. There’s always gonna be one of those don’t you have anything cheaper crowds, and there is those that may accommodate that. I feel the law if supply and demand also affects commerce. There will be people like me who although i have fixed income i have enough to spend on what i want, most people don’t have tons of excess cash laying around to spend a lot. I never been a "cheapest price"person or even a sale price person of Black Friday shopper i tend to know what i want and what im paying for so i will buy what i want. Some people don’t care about quality only if its cheap thats why America is drowning in Chinese products.


Been this way for a long time. Too often people will get in a panic when they’re not able to sell something within a set time frame and lower their prices which in turn can look bad and make buyers wary of them.

I’ll say what I’ve heard before from different breeders, if you don’t like their prices buy them out and sell them for what you think they should go for.


Thats what I was wondering. If the market for them is 150-200, seems like a prime buying opportunity to buy up all the 75 dollar ones and resell for a 2x profit. Seems like the market is flooded with these types of geckos which could explain why they are not moving well at 150.


I think the issue is market saturation. Supply is exceeding demand.


I think the downturn of the economy and insane inflation.

Gas is $7.00 where i live, i bought some things at the grocery today to make some nachos 4 ( chips, nacho cheese, refried beans and a can of chili sugar free hi-c singles for water ( since i don’t like pure water ) a tapioca pudding was like 44 dollars, i basically bought for double what it use to be. So im not the only one feeling that pinch. Im not rich by any means,i get about 39k a year, which in California is nothing. The only difference is i have no real expenses except rent and my phone bill and food, so i probably still get a lot of play money compared to most. I think reasonable sensible people will choose their life over the want of getting an animal. So if someone has to make a choice pay my rent or buy food etc. Or buy this animal most will choose not to buy an animal. Buying an animal doesn’t just end once you bought it, now you have an extra mouth to feed, probably an increase in electricity and possibly need money for any future vet bill.

Me ( not bragging ) i don’t save a dime ( except maybe a couple k for just incase expenses) i have no children and don’t expect to live long so to me theres not much point in “saving” for what? So when i die people can fight over who should have it and who “loved” me the most, funny non of them show it by coming over or inviting me somewhere etc. Im not going to buy a house this late stage in life. So really i only spend my money now while i have it. ( don’t be like me ). I took so long for me to get my VA pension that all my youth is gone and im on the downhill side of life. I may decide one day to buy an 1800.00 snake or a 1500.00 pair of earrings, but most people have responsibilities in life, im pretty useless im not like responsible people.


This right here, all day.


Thats what I was trying to get at. I still see the rare breeds selling for a ton. Its just natural if supply exceeds demand for people to cut prices to sell instead. For me I prefer to purchase from known/reputable breeders and once I find one I like to work with Ill pay their prices. However, not all people are like that and will buy a cheaper price point of the same variety. And in the case of the geckos even some of the reputable breeders have dropped their prices. Couple that with the downturn in the economy and buyers are penny pinching (rightfully so). Short of all breeders colluding to artificially rig the pricing, not much to be done.


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Well, the Market makes prices. Go look at the $200 morph, have there been many of them sitting for months at $200 not moving? That means $200 is too much. Lots of breeders dont want to admit reptile prices take a huge hit when the economy is like it is. Those $200 geckos are $75 now, unless somewhere theres quality to set you apart thats just the way it is. Those $75 geckos will probably sit too with how slow easy to find reptiles have been moving.


Everyone pretty much has said it all.
Market saturation, economy and just the way markets work.

I think the only thing that really got me though was calling them backyard breeders. Lol.
You did say quality tangs for $75. That’s not usually what I associate backyard breeding to. I expect parvo sick pups that are somehow worse than the parent stock when you say that. But that’s the old veterinary tech in me.


It’s not even the vet tech bit, it’s common sense, lol. Backyard breeders got their name because they would breed animals of any quality and sell them at top shelf prices. This seems a bit of the opposite, especially if these low-cost, quality geckos are coming from larger facilities. Sometimes bigger breeders just have a lot more animals they can’t move, and the ability to drop their prices more so than a smaller scale breeder who can only produce so many animals in a season and thus has more expenses versus income.

Seems to be quite a lot of misplaced anger at individuals versus overall market conditions and not understanding how the market in general works/keeping an eye on fluctuations. Also, @james1527 what you’re suggesting re: breeders “respecting” others is essentially price fixing, and at least in the U.S., that’s illegal.


In todays economic environment, there will be more of it. I personally stopped actively breeding months ago, well my girls decided to start laying. I need to move these animals so i will be pricing to move the animals. I am a disabled veteran, with a kid who has cancer i stopped actively breeding because the economy. Gas is nearing 6.00 a gallon, food bill has at least quadrupled. I have to take my kid to chemo, so making the prices of unexpected clutches super cheap so i can move them is what will be done. I have been giving away snakea to trusted people. Not getting out, this economy is temporary, but making it so my animals i keep dont suffer. So remember not all of us are rich who breed. We are real life people, who have real life issues who this past year has been difficult. We live out in the boondocks, gas to just get to work is horribley expensive. Some weeks it feels like we are working to put gas in the car. So not all of us are selling super cheap to make it hard on you, we are doing it because we have to.


I just bought one of those 75$ geckos from a smaller breeder @ Tinley. To be fair I breed snakes & also bought an expensive snake. I love the gecko she is so cute…she is in good health…& I just wanted her as a pet. She isnt a fancy morph but I still like her. It was a 3.5 hr drive there & back…it cost us alot just to be able to go.


Sooo adorable. So happy with her.


& also…some of those breeders @ that big of a show just cant compete with those bigger names @ a show like that. You need a “name” / built reputation in certain species to get top dollars…which can be hard as a smaller breeder starting out. Idk…but Im sure getting a table there wasnt cheap.


I have a rescue ball python…that’s a normal het peid…that Ive offered to give to 4 of my reptile friends…cause I want her to have a good home. All 4 of em…No…not right now…@ least. Like…


Yep, i am not buying any, any time soon. I cant afford it.


:eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart: omg so cute.