Bad shed scales removed

I switched to coco block about a month ago got my first shed using in hot spot was 88 and cool was 78 and humidity 60%. I check on her this morning before work and she had an incomplete shed and she’s had red spots from missing scales on her side and a sore spot on her belly. I cleaned out the tub and put her on paper towels and put neosporin on the sore. Is there anything more to do ?

I would say definitely go to a REPTILE vet. And also make sure that the wounds are cleaned.

Also I’m going to tag @eaglereptiles, @mblaney, and @westridge for any other options and ways to treat and clean cuts.

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The ones on top almost look like rat bites?


She always eats frozen thawed rats

Wounds can be cleaned with diluted betadine. A daily soak with diluted chlorhexidine could also be beneficial to wound healing. A trip to the vet will determine if antibiotics are necessary.


I agree with everyone- you need to take her to a vet. While it’s likely you could get the wounds to heal yourself, it’s not guaranteed. But perhaps more important is that you need to get to the bottom of why the bad shed happened, or if it could be something else that caused it. How long have you had her? A couple look suspiciously like sores that existed prior to her shed and are now granulating in, but my eye is untrained.

Make sure you take her to an exotics vet. I am a dog/cat vet and most dog/cat vets do not have the experience and knowledge needed to help her, especially when it comes to analyzing husbandry

You can find a herp vet here

Or here- select ‘reptile/amphibian’

Or here (scroll down)


I’ve had her just shy of a year and she’s always had full sheds untill today. She was fine before this shed didn’t have any sores .The only thing that is different in her tub is the substrate. Was using cypress than switched to coco husk.

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