Bad/taboo Pairings

So I’ve heard that pairing a spider to a spider isn’t optimal as it causes more slugs and higher mortality rates in hatchlings. (Nothing from my personal experience just what I have read online)
Are there any other pairings that should be avoided? Is it similar with other genes that have wobble like symptoms in some snakes such as with womas or is it just with the spider gene that this happens?

Looking into doing some hobby breeding and just looking for a heads up on what not to pair, don’t have anything against the spider gene :slight_smile:

There are a couple different posts on this topic but yes, in general morphs in the “spider complex” (ie. spider, woma, hgw, champagne, etc) should not be paired together, or doing so would be “taboo” since the combos are likely fatal or unwell. Some other pairings to be avoided are cinnamon x cinnamon or black pastel x black pastel as the supers throw duckbills and kinks, same with caramel albinos. I’m sure someone can name some other examples

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Heres a site that lists some bad genes and bad pairings and the results of the pairings


Great thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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As a note, Woma has not yet been proven to be in the “Spider complex” so right now that is just speculation. I do not deny that it is likely.

As a general rule, you should avoid pairing anything with neuro as that tends to produce train-wrecks.

One of the pairings that is often forgotten as being deleterious is Champagne Sable. These have all exhibited failure to thrive.

Yeah I guess I was informally grouping a few things there. Interesting!