Ball pythin breeding problems

Hello everybody and hope everybodys having a good day , this is my first year breeding ball pythons and my female sugar pastave locked my supper cinnamon male 6 times all in all she was eating like mad then aboit 3 or 4 weeks ago she was intrested in food but wouldnt take since then shes take a couple off small mice but thats it , she was alway on the cool side aswell so i thought everything was going good , then i did notice a tiny bit off swelling but was told if i thought id seen ovulation then i hadnt as would be very noticable , for the last 2 weeks or so shes been heat seeking and bearly left her hot hide , i put my male in with her again 2 days ago and they locked again , she still hasnt shed yet either so im just abit worried , could anybody please give me any advice and if this is normal please thanks for your time

This was her 2 weeks ago just not sure if this is normal for her yo be heat seeking if i havent seen ovulation yet

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Here is a step by step breeding guide with pictures.

Just because they lock or you see behaviors like her sitting on the hot side doesn’t mean she’s ready to build follicles and produce. If they’re still locking and she’s still eating you’re not there yet.


Shes had 3 clutches b4 with the oerson i hot her off and he saud he ultra sounded her a week b4 i git her abd she was 13 mm folicals , shes been locking and for 2 months would only be on the cool side , snd would smash food , the past 3 weeks maybe more she hasnt eaten apart from a 25g mouse twice , she swelled up quite abit and now shes on the hot spit for the past 2 weeks , a few people have told me im on my way too eggs so far just thought id see what people on here thought , i mite not iff wrote clearly b4 lol , shes not eating and was doing wverything a female would do building folicals but i was woundering uf ive missed ovulation as shes now heat seeking which she didnt do for 2 months prior to now , so would you still say shes not building just so im sure thanks tho for the reply

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Hopefully you’ll see eggs this year!

But now knowing that she was building follicles before you got her, there is a chance she may not go this season.
Sometimes when you get a girl that’s building, the relocation can cause them to reabsorb. I had that happen with a girl last year who I was really hoping would go.

And sometimes they may take a year off on her own.

Regardless, I would just make sure she’s comfortable and you can still keep pairing them in the meantime. I have had 2 girls eat all the way up until 2 weeks before eggs, so sometimes they will surprise you. Especially if it’s a smaller clutch.

Also, as an aside… If you do plan on keeping or breeding long term, I would definitely recommend quarantining new animals when you get them. I typically go for a 90 day quarantine before letting them near my other animals. This way you can hopefully avoid possible breakouts of mites, URIs or worse.

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Yeah i woundering if shes re adsorbed them too but she been off food for a month now she literally taken 2 25g mice in a month but 2 months b4 that was pounding food 2-3 rats a week she was relentless, but a month ago she just stopped eating , the past 2 weeks shes been heat seeking , i think i mite have seen ovulation as she did swell up but because ive not seen it first hand b4 werent sure , and since then has been heat seeking which she didnt want nothing to do with heat for 2 month prior was just cool seeking and bowl wraping , ill see what happens with her , ive got 3 others building hopefully atm so hopefully ill get something this year if not will be a learning lesson for next year as wont give up as its somethung i really want to do as a hobbiest

Yeah breeding something i wanted to fo for a while but wanted to buipd a collection first , yeah i do quarantine them but only for 30 days but wilp do longer from now on

Is she lying 100% belly down, or has she rolled onto her side or back while resting. Many times gravid females will roll to try and get comfortable. Have you tried to palpitate her? There are a few YouTube on it.

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Hiya no she keeps switching from laying on her belly to then on her side and basically upside down aswell , ive noticed she foing into blue today but she hasnt ovulated yet but a bloke said that will be pre ovulation shed most likely so thats good news

She’s definitely gravid. This is probably the pre-lay shed. Is your incubator ready?


Yeah im deffo thinking its looking like eggs are coming woohoo , ueah incubators been going for a few weeks now lol