Ball python bathing in water bowl?

Hi just wondering if anyone else snake does this ? I’ve done research says the do it before shedding , he only shed last week so a doubt it’s that plus he looks fine , humidity lowest it drops to is 45% but I must 3 times a day keeping it btween 50-60% and last one is mites but I’ve checked him and the water bowl can’t see any ,Mybe he’s just to warm or wants to hydrate?

First time I’ve seen him do it tbf .

Doesn’t happen a ton but is normal.


My girl has from time to time, especially during the summer, been known to spend time in her bowl. Nothing to worry about unless that’s all they are doing from what I’ve read.

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Cheers guys ,yeah kinda thought was all good but being a novice just thought I’d share with the community ,Mybe thought he was stinking and just wanted a wash :joy:

I’ve had this same worry myself. One of my boas is in his water bowl at least 6 hours a day. I’ve checked and treated for mites just incase, raised and lowered temps and humidity and he is out of the enclosure on a every other day basis so stuck shed isn’t a issue. He just seems to enjoy soaking in the water.

My other has the exact same set-up but it’s rare I find them in the water. They are individuals, and Michael Phelps likes swimming more than me.


Check your temperatures & check for mites. If your enclosure isn’t running too hot and you don’t see any mites, he’s probably fine. Some of them like to soak now and then.

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Yeah checked for mites and temps are 85-87 hot side and 78-80 cool side ,must just fancied a bath

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