Ball python bioactive substrates

I’m planning to switch some of my ball pythons over to bioactives. I was wondering what substrate would be best.

I’ve never heard of a long-term successful bioactive for ball pythons. What are you trying to accomplish? You’re still going to need to clean the poop and any live plants will be trampled.
My recommendation for substrate is ABG mix. It’s light, holds moisture well, and is good for plants.


I’m planning to try out just one bioactive at first for my smallest bp. I just want see how it goes, I fully expect to continue spot cleaning and possibly replace plants. But If I can figure out a way for it to work I’d be ecstatic. I was also thinking abg maybe with some added orchid bark.

An enclosure that’s as enriching and as natural as possible :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ve noticed how bioactives brought out a lot of natural behaviors for my gecko and i’d like to give my bps that same opportunity.

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This sounds interesting. Keep us updated with how it works.

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