Ball python breeding research project

Hi, my name is Tammy, and I’m studying Zoology with the University of Exeter. I also keep reptiles and am a hobbyist royal python breeder. For my 3rd year research project, I intend to conduct a study into what affects the mating success of captive breeding royal pythons, especially whether morph/combinations have any effect. I’m hoping that you can help me out, and I’ll share all my findings with you. If you have any of the following information regarding your previous pairings and are willing to share it with me, please get in touch. The type of information I’m looking for is:
• Morphs in a pairing (and sex of each morph)
• Date and length of pairing
• Was there a lock?
• Weight of individuals at time of pairing
• Age of individuals at time of pairing
• What temperature and humidity are they kept at?
• Are their temperatures lowered for the breeding season?
• What size rub or vivarium are they housed in?
• Geographical location
• Have the individuals been paired before (either with each other, or with other individuals)?
• Any other information you have

Data missing one or two of the fields above would still be of great interest to me.
Any and all data used for this study will remain anonymous and confidential, and no personal details will be shared with any third parties. If you have any concerns about how the data will be used please contact me.
I absolutely understand that everyone is pretty busy and stressed right now, but if you have time to email me some data by tomorrow I’d be very grateful.
Thanks for reading this far, hope to hear from you soon.


good thread. I’m excited to follow where this one goes!!! @regalroyals

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I will be sure to look at my hatch and pairing records to see if I can offer anything if use. I’m interested in what your findings will be so definitely keep us updated


Thanks guys, I’ll definitely keep this thread updated with any interesting findings. If anyone even has just spreadsheets of previous seasons pairings you could send over, that’d be fantastic, especially if the morphs of the snakes are included. Thanks again =]

@walkergirl check out this thread since you just had your first clutch drop. maybe you can be of assistance?