Ball python doesn't use tongue

Hey everyone, I recently bought a beautiful red axanthic fire female, a yearling, I have had her now a little over a week.

One thing I notice is she doesn’t really use her tongue at all when she is exploring, I may have seen it pop out very slightly maybe once or twice when I got her but since then I haven’t seen it flick out.

When I hold her she is extremely calm and relaxed so I don’t think its from stress. She will sit with me for hours no problem. And she has eaten once already for me no problem struck and wrapped.

So I guess my question is there any birth defects like short tongues or small mouth spacing where the tongue may normally go through that could prevent their tong from pushing all the way through?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Many things can affect frequency of tongue flickering that are not a problem.
If she uses it I would say don’t worry about the frequency, If she is not using it at all or it cant come all the way out then maybe worrey, it could be stuck with mucus from an infection or a genetic defect. ?

My established snakes are chilled and used to their environments and so dont tongue flicker much when exploring unless there is a change in odours in the tank or its a new snake not used to the house smell.
Does she use it when you put food to her?

I only responded as no one else more experienced did for 18 days and just trying to help and not leave you hanging and worrying. So this is just an opinion.

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Never thought about tongues on royals…

Mine are out a lot and I rarely see their tongue flicking non stop, so I wouldn’t worry.

I don’t even think to look to make sure it’s coming out :sweat_smile:


Same :slight_smile: