Ball Python Escape Story - Happy Ending

So I came here to share my story of my first escapee. It all started when I had to leave town for work and asked my best friend/business partner to go let my dog out.

He did me the favor and while he was at my place decided to take a look at some of the snakes. When I got back late that night, I asked if he had messed with the snakes and he said he had so I decided not to bother them again (we have some fiesty new additions I am trying to leave be as they settle) and didn’t even walk in the room to check on them. It wasn’t until the following afternoon that I finally went to go check on everyone and do my daily rounds that I noticed one of the tubs slightly open!

One of the newer additions had escaped! In a panic I searched everywhere. I mean absolutely everywhere. I even saw a photo of someone that found their escapee in a subwoofer so I was taking things apart, ripping through boxes, the whole 9. I have a relatively clean space so I was convinced I would find her. Having to go to bed that night made me feel like the biggest POS pet owner. How could I not have checked when I got home? Even if her getting out wasn’t my fault, how could I not find her? etc.

Working from home I was constantly taking time throughout the day to try and find her and as the days passed, I became less encouraged. I mean, I had searched EVERYWHERE, multiple times. 7 days go by and I have pretty much settled on the worst possible outcomes in my head. That is when I had a good friend come in to town.

Having never seen the snakes before, one of the first things we did upon his arrival was look at the collection and handle some animals. Since he was staying at my place, I figured I wouldn’t mention the possibility of a loose snake (the emotional harm that could’ve caused is greater than any actual harm the snake could cause lol). As soon as we finished handling some snakes for his first time, we decided to take a second on the couch and crack some beers while we caught up.

The second we sit down, my friend mentions something about “snakes being out”. Not catching what he said, I asked him to repeat himself.
He said, “Oh that’s cool, you just let some of your snakes roam around your house?” Caught off guard I replied with a crazy-faced “What are you talking about?” He immediately points to the blinds on the sliding glass door and sure enough, our escapee is sitting right there. I was and still am over the moon to have her back and we are still laughing,

I wanted to share this story as I thought it was funny but also, I was really down about losing an animal and was convinced I would never see her again. I take great pride in caring for my little danger noodles and providing them with the best possible environment so to have something like this happen was crushing. But I had vastly underestimated how resilient these animals are. I am by no means an expert keeper but I can tell you one thing, if you lose a ball python, don’t panic.


Man what a story or more a nightmare! Had the feeling myself last week for a short moment when i couldnt find my Rainbow baby in her tub. Heartbeats in my throat but she was burried below her substrate Whaha. But loosing one for a week that is torture. Glad your story ended well.


I just want to point out how much of a legend your friend is.

No complaints or worries of death, just good old fashioned “if they let it roam around then it must be cool, I’ll trust their judgement”.


I lost one under very similar circumstances a few years ago. I had my boy Kahlua in a large tub with a mesh lid clipped on, and a 5lb weight on top because he was a known escape artist. During a trip home to visit family a friend was watching my dog at my apartment and I had just given her the vague instructions to make sure Kahlua had enough water. Sure enough, I came back to find the weight not back on top of his enclosure and him nowhere to be found.
After turning my whole apartment inside out, I thought for sure that I’d never find him again and was worried that he had somehow gotten into the walls of the apartment building through the washer/dryer connections. At least a week or two had gone by before I was cleaning and rearranging one night when I found him all snuggled up underneath/behind my TV. I’m not sure where he had been hiding the entire time or how my dog hadn’t found him, but he was completely fine.


I could not believe how nonchalant the statement was made. Legend for sure!


Glad to hear everything ended up ok for him! Feels like almost the same situation. I was so worried my big Rottie had the most expensive midnight snack of his life but he walked by her multiple times, as did I, before my friend pointed her out. He’s a bit of a doofus though so maybe I got lucky.

I can’t stop trying to think of where she could’ve spent the week. She was found at the opposite corner of my 2 bedroom apartment so she could’ve cruised the whole space! She definitely had an adventure.


Jeez your friend was a life saver! Literally. I remember the feeling when my new male escaped. I just put him away after handling him(it was his first week with me) and i forgot to clip BOTH sides of the tub. I went mental searching everywhere for him, i even had my dad patrolling outside in my yard searching for him. After much tears and breakdowns i settled with the idea that’s he’s gone. Just as i opened the drawer above where his tub was situated there he was all curled up around my lady clothing haha!


great story. I have had snakes and lizards escape but always found them with a couple hours, until recently when a very small wild caught long nosed snake went Houdini on me. He was gone about a week and I know exactly what mean about feeling like a POS. And I know just how happy you can be when they turn up. Glad it ended well


Will share one of mine with you all… I have always been very careful with making sure everyone of my reptiles is secure and safe in their enclosures. Years ago I had an escapee. A very bright yellow Butter Motley Corn snake that was over 4 ft long. Hard to miss right? One morning I went into my “critter room” and noticed he was no longer in his enclosure. SOB! I thought. Then was like “Okay, stay calm and think…” I quietly searched the room top to bottom. Nowhere to be found. Then the rest of the house. Under furniture, refridgerator, etc. I know they will seek warm spots, but no luck. Finally I was like “well, he’s bound to appear eventually”. I closed off as much as I could and even layed a flour trail to see if he was traveling about. A few days go by… Nothing. A week goes by… Still nothing. At this point I am very upset because I raised him from egg to 6 years old. He was my stud breeder, and an amazing pet. Never came close to trying to strike at or bite me. Well, long story short it is now just over 2 weeks later. I assumed all hope was lost at this point. I had worked all day and got home just before dark. Walking up my steps to my front door what do you think I see? Yep, an almost glowing bright yellow Corn snake. Literally on my door step. Outside! How the hell he made his way outside I will never know, but there he was. Almost as if he was waiting for me to come home. My eyes honestly could not believe it. I lived in a very wooded area, so he could have easily disappeared for good. He was always extremely tame and mellow, but once I approached him he started to take off. He managed to drop under the wooden deck of my front porch and I was like NO WAY in hell you’re getting away from me again! lol. Keep in mind it was almost dark now, and I knew I had to get him. (In my nice work clothes) I crawled under the deck, in the dirt, and there he was. I figured no big deal, I will just reach out and grab him. When I did he bit the living hell out of me, but I wasn’t letting go lol. He had NEVER bit anyone before. I guess his natural instincts had started to come back after “being in the wild” again. I brought him in, cleaned him up and checked him over real good for ticks or mites and cuts. Put him in isolation for a few weeks and he was back to puppy dog tame in no time. Needless to say he was on a serious lock down after that big adventure. I have had 1 or 2 other escapes over the years, but none as fortunate as that one. I could have missed him by just a few minutes and probably would have never seen him again. This was summertime in Florida, so I guess he was content with staying close to home.

True story. I still think back and laugh on that one. For anyone that may have an escapee in the future, don’t panic when it happens. Chances are they haven’t gone very far at all…


Wow! That’s amazing! The fact that he was outside and the timing worked out perfect is incredible. Happy to hear everything ended well though and thank you for sharing.

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Man I don’t think I’ve experienced pure joy and excitement like that since I was a little kid on Christmas lol.

Glad to hear you were able to find him!

My CoCo is gone 15 days so far I look everywhere everyday multiple times a day I miss my girl… Actually stayed up all night creeping around the house with a flashlight open the catcher somewhere the attic the crawl space the basement anywhere… Nothing

Sorry to hear that! I hope she turns up soon! I’ve heard stories of people finding their snakes months later, so don’t lose hope!