Ball Python Female

I have a Black Pastel Yellow Belly Ball Python and I’m curious what other ball pythons would breed well with this type??? Suggestions needed!!!

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Going to give you the warning first. Ball pythons are a very oversaturated market at the moment. The genes that you currently have in your female are pretty common and one of them can be problematic if you aren’t careful.
This means you really need to do some research into what you would like to produce ahead of time and be aware that you may be holding onto offspring for quite a while. This also means that you would have that many more mouths to feed. Should be prepared in the case of emergency like eggbinding with a vet and be prepared to possibly have to euthanize babies if something like an incubator issue causes severe issues with the babies.

That said…
There’s no known recessive hets. You could consider producing hets by going with something visually recessive as your male. But I would also consider using allelic genes to the ones you have as well. Enchi and gravel or asphalt can be good ones to look into.
Otherwise, it’s best for you to work on projects that interest you and not just what people suggest. Browse the sales side for snakes with black pastel and or yellow belly and see what other combos you like. Then look for a male with the genes you would need.

Here’s a good place to start as well since I mentioned black pastel can be problematic. Super black pastels can be prone to kinks or facial deformities. This link will list some other combos or complexes with issues to be aware of.


I would start by first asking yourself what is the goal or purpose of this breeding? Are you trying to make a certain combo or specific look or are you just breeding because you want to breed your snake? Using that question as a guide will help you either pick a suitable male or maybe raise the possibility of keeping her back as a pet