Ball python has scar on lip

After my 6 month old snake shed, i noticed this odd mark on his lip and I cannot figure out what this is. His stomach is normal, so that rules out burning. He is eating and everything else a ball should be doing and this is the only mark on him. I’m really concerned, any help? I removed his bedding out of concern.


What I do personally (I’m not suggesting anyone do this just sharing my method) for something like this is open the animals mouth with a wooden tongue depressor/popsicle stick and examine the inside of the lip. It could be the beginning of mouth rot or a broken tooth that’s lodged under the surface.

If you do open it’s mouth, infections/mouth rot are not hard to miss. You’ll see brown or black damaged tissue and gunk built up on the jawline. At that point you would want to contact a vet for further care.


Poor guy! I hope you are able to figure out what that spot is! You sure came to the right place!

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What @ballornothing said would be a good idea to try
This way you will be able to eliminate it or know if it is what you are dealing with. Pictures aren’t the best to have better idea. You could compare this to earlier pictures to see if it has changed or might always been there. Keep us posted.


So far only the outside one scale has this marking, his inside mouth is normal looking, no odd teeth and no extra drool or anything. He is doing everything normally and still more then happy to bite
Im keeping a sharp eye on him, any changes will mean vet time, but ill have to try find one near me that takes exotics, as most only take cats and dogs in my area.
If anything the area is less shiny now, it seems to have closed up. Im cleaning it twice a day with lukewarm water and avoiding any unnecessary contact.
Ill let yall know if anything happens

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So here’s a question, any missed strikes at food recently? It looks like a bruised scale to me.

Yes actually, he can be really bad at striking at food. I’m feeding him tomorrow and I will let everyone know how he eats (hope he does!)
He eats frozen thawed, and I hold the food infront of him but he still missed sometimes🥴

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He ate food no issue, thankfully.
No marks appeared, scab looks the same but more healed up looking

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Based on that, I’d say your boy is probably just fine. It’s possible he smacked his face into something during a missed strike and caused some minor scale damage. Monitor for any inflammation or signs of infection, other than that just wait to see if his next shed clears it up.

Thank goodness, definitely no sign of a mouth or scale rot, nothing changing either, I hope his Shed is too hard

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