Ball Python Hatchling Identification

Hiya! It’s me again!!! Looking for some identification help on these guys(they’re all post shed!)
The dame was a SuperPastel Spider Het. Clown and the sire was a Pastel Banana Enchi Clown!

Starting with A1 which I believe to be a Super Pastel Enchi Clown,

I believe both A2 and A3 are Super Pastels/ Pastel Spider Clowns

A4 I’m guessing is a Pastel/Super Pastel Spider

A5 I’m guessing is a Super Pastel/Pastel Enchi Banana

Finally I believe A6 is a Super Pastel/Pastel Banana!

I appreciate the help and discussion in advance! :heart:🥹 (Also fun fact these are all boys, which is so crazy to me!)

Everything you hatched is banana, which also explains why they’re all boys, as most male bananas are male makers. Any non-bananas you got (if you’d gotten them) would more than likely have been females.

I don’t work with neuro genes so I can’t give you definite IDs for those, but I see:
A1: Super pastel banana spider clown
A2 & A3: pastel (poss super) Enchi banana spider clowns
A4: banana super pastel spider 100% het clown
A5: banana super pastel possible Enchi 100% het clown
A6: Banana pastel or super pastel possible Enchi 100% het clown