Ball python id help

I’m posting this for a friend who thinks that this is a mojave but wants to make sure before he starts breeding

What do you think he should pair this to? He wants some super mojaves but doesn’t want low demand items, like normals or mojaves. I was thinking pairing it to a monsoon pastel so everything would be het monsoon which I think would increase demand.

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I’m going to say that is not a mojave. Appears to be a normal to me.

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i second that

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If he decides to breed her what male should he get. Any visual hets that would increase demand?

Since it’s a normal, I would recommend that he not breed her and instead keep her as a nice pet and instead invest in a few quality morphs to breed. I know it’s not always a popular opinion, but just because you have an animal that can be bred doesn’t mean that it should.