Ball Python ID - Kichi

So, I never really bothered to get a proper ID on this boy since I don’t ever plan to breed him. Kichi is the sole survivor of my first ball python clutch, an 8 egg clutch, and has minor deformities (short head/snout, small spinal kink by the tail, and several belly scales with odd formations) so he’s of course remaining a pet-only snake that I’m keeping in my collection.

Pairing was a 1.0 banana yellowbelly x 0.1 pastel het VPI axanthic:



I’m thinking he’s a pastel banana at least, but I’m still unsure. Insight would be appreciated!


He looks like a banana pastel.


That’s what I thought because of his pattern and more dull color. Thanks!

Oddly enough I originally paired the parents to make pastel bananas… coincidentally he ended up being the only one to survive. He’s a healthy boy though, the only issue I see is him holding his poop in for long periods of time :rofl:
I know he doesn’t have any issue pooping, he just… doesn’t go very often. It’s odd.

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It could be because of one of his deformities (maybe the kink) or there could be another small internal deformity causing that. As long as he’s pooping often (on his schedule) then he should be fine.

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Yeah, it could be because of that. If he doesn’t go for longer than I’d like, then I sometimes “help” him by giving him a soak or gently palpating him until he goes on his own. It usually works and he passes the stool/urates without issue. No straining or anything from what I can tell.

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Looks like a pastel banana! I don’t think he has yellowbelly, but I’m not the best at identifying subtle genes like that yet