Ball python identification help

Hi i need some help on someone that can help me identify a ball python

i need to found out the morphs of this ball python?

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It looks like it could be some sort of queen bee? I don’t know the exact morph, but it could definitely be a queen bee. I don’t know for sure though.

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It has blueish greenish and yellowish shades on the sides and blue shades on the head, maybe that will help you tell what it is

What was the pairing? And better pictures would help.

The pairing would really help, and better pictures are definitely needed. Looks really similar to a calico super Pastel lesserbee, but honestly that’s a far fetched guess.

I just want to make sure but you do know this thread hasn’t had a post in close to 4 years right?

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Yes i noticed that after i posted lol. Sorry confusion :frowning:

Sorry for the confusion *** (typo)

Haha, just wanted to make sure you were aware!

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Hey, it’s always good to check! :smile: