Ball Python Identification Vanilla/Fire

So I purchased this baby from a local breeder. They said it’s a pastel with either fire or vanilla but the parents had both genes and apparently are indistinguishable. Is that true? If not does it look particularly more like one or the other? Thank you! Looking forward to responses

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Can you post a picture with the snake laid out like this.


Haha yeah let me work on that. It’s pretty defensive
I also forgot to mention he said it’s pastel + one of the two genes

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Good because my first thought was “well that’s wrong, I see pastel :joy:


Alright I think the photos worked this time


Gotta wait till it finishes saying uploading at the bottom

Haha yeah, got them this time.

All I really see is pastel. I don’t see either fire or vanilla but the lighting isn’t fantastic. What do you think @t_h_wyman @chesterhf


Oh alright, so probably just looked different than his other pastels so assumed another gene was present?

Not exactly sure how fire interacts with pastel, but this is my vanilla pastel. The colors seem almost washed out. The one you have seems more vibrant


Still waiting on others feedback, but you think just a pastel then? Kinda lame as I did pay more since it was supposed to have one of the other genes

You mentioned both parents had both genes? So both carried vanilla and Fire? Because vanilla Fire is an allelic combo. Or did you mean one had fire and one had vanilla?

I see only pastel btw.

This is a vanilla/fire I produced.

This is a pastel Fire

He said it was a pastel fire to a pastel enchi vanilla

Thank you! I agree it looks like just pastel unfortunately

Ahh I must have missed that in the posts.

I agree with the others, to me it looks like a single morph pastel

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I could see this being a very low-quality Vanilla. But I am much more inclined to say that, given the pairing, it is a lower quality Enchi Pastel


Now that you say that, it has the characteristic purple “Cloverleaf” that most pastel enchi’s have.

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I don’t see Enchi at all… Enchi usually distorts and cleans up the pattern more.


Add pastel and it would be lighter.

Pastel Enchi - sorry crappy photo