Ball python identification

Hello friends, I’m completely new here, I’m from India and I need help in identifying my ball python morphs. It was initially sold to me as pastel and enchi. Which I didn’t believe from the first, But upon breeding them this year I have got an ivory from the clutch. I’m not sure how the community here works or anything. Just hoping that I’ll get a mentor to guide me further here. Attaching the pics of my ball python parents below.


If you got an Ivory then both of them are Yellowbelly, which they both do appear to be.

Definitely not Enchi or Pastel


Welcome to the forum family @kirean! So glad to have you here! I’m a keeper only but you have already got an answer to your question from one of the experts here! This is a wonderful place to be because there are so many people from all walks of life with a commonality-the love of reptiles, who come together to share knowledge, experience, ideas, opinions and sometimes just plain old fun!

And just so you know, we love baby pictures! Stick around @kirean and you will find all the mentoring you need! :pray::blush:


Yes definitely I will post the babies too😊


Thank you so much :relaxed: so happy to be a part in this forum


@kirean We are so excited and happy you are here! :pray::+1::star_struck:

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