Ball python (lesser female and blue eyed Lucy male)

Hello everyone ! I need some help identifying some babies that were born a couple of months ago the pairing was a lesser and a blue eyed Lucy male I’ve never proven him about before and I’m confused if it’s a lesser since it’s brighter than the others :confused:


It is a lesser

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Not what you asked, but I’m a little worried about the small lesser/butter in the bottom in both pictures. It looks super thin and dehydrated. Is it eating ok?


Yes thank you for asking, the two smaller ones have been a little slower in eating and unfortunately had to assist feed them but they’re eating well and sorry for the pictures they’re not updated but they’re a bit bigger now I really appreciate your concern

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Thank you!

The larger Lesser looks to also be a Hypo.

Is the stripe on the bottom bel from the substrate or does it have a dorsal stripe?

I actually agree with you on this one. It looks hypo not lesser.

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I didn’t think about hypo… i would say lesser hypo though. your bel must pass on at lesser or the other gene… you didn’t say what the 2 genes were in the bel.

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