Ball python morph help

I am new to the ball python morph world and have been doing some research to figure out what we actually got. It was listed as a cinnamon but I’m not so sure now. Any insight would be helpful.


Don’t know if it’s just lighting but looks like a banana/coral glow combo to me. Does also look similar to my black pastel lesser. Others will be able to pinpoint it a lot better than me.


Definitely not a single gene cinnamon though.


Appears to be a banana cinnamon to me.


One of the best things you can do is go to Morph Market and pull up pictures of “Cinnamon” and “Super Cinnamon”. Your ball looks nothing like those pictures. Your ball definitely has something more in it than just “Cinnamon” or “Super Cinnamon”. I agree with @nswilkerson1 in that it has Banana in it, but I don’t know enough about Cinnamon to tell if yours has it. Pull up some Morph Market pictures of Banana Cinnamon and carefully compare them to yours. And pull up pictures of just Banana and compare to yours. Keep in mind that Banana colors change with age from baby to adult. As they age they get black spots, but I’m not sure if Cinnamon affects the formation of the spots. Maybe YouTube has some videos about IDing Cinnamon, possibly with Banana added in.

Basically, I encourage you to do some research beyond posting pics here and asking for an ID. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great thing to do for starters, but don’t stop there. YouTube is a great BP research tool that I’ve used a ton.

Definitely post to this community. There are tons of knowledgeable folks here that love to help folks out.

And yes, we love pictures!


Hi welcome to the community. I think everyone has made great points! Obviously it is a banana/coral glow and in my opinion it is more then likely cinnamon or black pastel(both very similar and hard to tell in bananas) and also Mojave I see a lot and it tends to draw the pattern out and put it together much like yours! The head and overall color looks very light so could also be pastel, hard to tell from pics. If you could get some full body pics just in sunlight from top down it may help the accuracy of iding. Pretty ball python, enjoy!:+1:


Gotta agree with the ids listed so far as it looks like a Cinnamon/Coral Glow to Me as well. Also, welcome to the community your animal is a beauty.


Welcome to the forum @gh0stsniper58! You have a very nice animal there and lots of great opinions on the morph! Congratulations on the find and best of luck to you guys! :blush::pray::+1:


Thank you for the advice! That’s how I actually found this community. Was looking at morphs and seen one listed as cinnamon and realized Cinna didn’t look anything like the ones listed.