Ball Python Needs Help

Hey, I am new here an have a serious problem. I work at a petstore and recently we received a ball python that is very sick and getting worse. Can anyone tell me what this is or how to help him? He was very dehydrated when we recieved him already. He yawns a lot, but he did eat this past Friday and is very active when he’s looking around his cage.
Thank you for any information you could give me!

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Are you keeping him in water? He appears to have some sort of wound on his neck and chin.

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We were doing a shed ease soak because he has been unable to shed. He arrived with just lumps on his body that later have turned into these sores.

Has he went in the blue to shed?

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These appear to be ruptured water blisters which would indicate that the animals was kept too damp/wet.

Fist order of business with sick animals is always a vet visit.

In the interim, a bedding of barely damp pure sphagnum moss (get it wet, squeeze it out completely, and then fluff it loose) will help to maintain the right humidity and help prevent immediate infection