Ball python not eating

So back in March of this year I acquired a normal male ball python and he won’t eat a thing. I’ve tried both live and frozen rats and mice of all different sizes. I only offer once a week. He currently weighs 1163g. and was only fifteen grams heavier when I got him. Should I continue offering him a prey item weekly or try something else. I got him March 8th btw.

Nothing to worry about. It is completely normal for ball pythons to go off food for periods, sometimes extended. Especially at certain times of year(breeding) and your boy sounds big enough to be interested in the ladies. He may still be acclimating to his new home. As long as he seems ok he’ll be fine. Still offer weekly and maybe change up prey items.

Yeah I wasn’t too concerned because he’s lost so little weight and he is in the same rack as three females

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Defiantly just wait it out man, I’d suggest not touching him for a week or week and a half and offer him a live rat. Maybe a bit smaller then his thickest part. I’ve been struggling with my bp for a long time and I’ve finally gotten him to start eating after 4-5 months… downed 2 rats in one week so I’d say you’re fine man, as long as he doesn’t start showing bone you’re good he sounds like he can go a while without food if he so chooses.

OK I’ll offer him one next week or the week after that. The people I got him from said he eats medium rats live or frozen but I dunno.