Ball Python 'nuzzling'?

Hello there! First-time bp owner here, with a behavior question.

I’ve had this lovely girl for several months now, and she’s been an absolute sweetheart, even if she’s a tad shy when she’s first out.

When she’s finished eating, she usually wipes her face on nearby surfaces- which makes sense to me- she’d like her face clean. It’s similar to when she’s preparing to shed and rubbing on things in her enclosure.

The thing is, she also occasionally does this on my hands, after I’ve been handling her a while. It feels like a cat doing a head bump! She never seems tense or frightened with me, but I wanted to know what this behavior might mean?

Her sheds with me have been complete, and she does have a humidity hide that’s kept damp and several rough surfaces.

Attached: picture of the little lady!


I think it’s your snake being a snake :slight_smile: No real meaning behind it!


Yes she is certainly very lovely! I have had this happen to me before, however not with any of my bps. Occasionally my hoggie will nuzzle the palm of my hand and I just attribute it to a burrowing tendency. As long as she is not trying to nip/bite you I would not worry about it…… :+1::sunglasses::heart:


My first thought was perhaps a piece of stuck shed, but since she has complete sheds and a moist hide this obviously isn’t the case. I think she is just checking things out seeing if there is more to explore. I had 2 pine snakes and these guys constantly probed my hands, shirt whatever else with there snout! At least your snake isn’t head shy😄


Thanks, everyone! I didn’t think it was indicating a problem, but it’s very reassuring to see others confirm that! I’m glad I can freely think it’s adorable the way I have been♥️

I really do appreciate Eden- in looks and behavior both! She was a little head shy when I first got her, but that cleared up incredibly quick (within two handling sessions- she’s a dream to work with) I’d love to see some pictures of your fellow nuzzlers too!