Ball Python Pairing Realization

Anyone else ever have a brain fart when it came to your own pairings LOL. I have been working toward Black Pastel/ Cinnamon Toffee Pieds. So this year been pairing my Albino Pied to my Toffino and Cinnamon Het Albino. Simple. Lately though I’ve been considering Ultramel Pied’s as well and while I do have a Ultramel Het Hypo female I felt it was a wasted pairing to my Albino Pied.

Then it hit me…My Cinnamon Het Albino is also Het Ultramel. This female has already locked, ovulated, and prelay shed with my Albino Pied. So the entire clutch will be at minimum DH Albino Pied 50% Het Ultramel (and Albino Het Pied 50% Het Ultramel) . All I have to do is send the shed’s in for testing to pull out the Het Ultramel and I have the beginning’s of my Albino Ultramel Pied project.

So needless to say I’m way more excited about this clutch than before :rofl:


That is amazing!!! Is that what you were going for? I love when things just work out :smiley:


Yeah, I have always wanted to create an Albino Ultramel but other projects kind of took priority. Now with Albino Ultramel Pied as my goal, it’s become an amazing project I will work towards.