Ball Python Podcast

Hello everyone - I’ve been considering a ball python breeding podcast, but I’ve been struggling with how to differentiate my potential project with what’s already out. What are some things you think are missing from the podcast/stream cast world as it relates to the hobby? Thanks!

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I’m not sure what’s missing given that there seems to an excessive amount of ball python youtubers and streamers, but I can contribute what I would look for in a podcast about ball pythons. If I was going to take the time and focus to listen to a podcast or watch a video I would want it to be one of two things: either an “expert” in the field of ball python breeding who has been around a while, knows all the tips and tricks and is at the cutting edge of the industry (think JKR or Markus Jayne) OR someone with specialized biology knowledge, such as a herpetologist studying ball pythons in their native environment/scientist working on sequencing ball python genetics, etc. I would want it to be not only someone that I can learn from, but also someone with enough experience/education/credentials to back up their information.


Ball python podcasts have gotten pretty redundant with their content. Different breeders come on and answer the same exact questions over and over.

I only find these types of podcasts interesting when they either showcase a breeder who completely does their own thing (like Marc Bailey) or a breeder with a huge personality (think Sean Bradley). Other than things like that, I could care less about listening to someone going on about how many Freedom Breeders they have etc.

Personally I would love to see someone do a BP podcast on the history/origins of the mutations, especially the ones that have fallen off the radar. Kind of like a BP “unsolved mysteries.” If the show actually gained some traction, I bet some very interesting guests might come out of the woodwork.


I’m subscribed to about 12 reptile podcasts, 4 of those are ball pythons either heavily or exclusively, 4 feature them either regularly or occasionally, and the other 4 don’t feature them or only feature them rarely. On top of that I’m subscribed to probably 30 or more YouTube channels that do livesteams, and the majority of those are ball python breeders as well, like ball pythons themselves, ball python online media is very common to the point that unless you are providing something that’s different and in demand, you are operating in a saturated market.
One thing that people might want are those big names and legends in the industry. However pretty much all of them that would do a podcast, have done several, and those that haven’t probably won’t start with an unknown if they ever do one at all.
Another factor with the successful podcasts are larger than life personalities that know how to keep the flow of an interview going, or are so interesting and entertaining that it’s worth it to just listen to them spout off. The most successful podcasts (think triple B, ballsh!t, SATFM etc) have both of those factors. Just something worth thinking about. One type of podcast that might be more interesting is to talk to ball breeders, but focus more on the other species that they keep and breed. As many times as I’ve heard Ozzy and Justin on ball python podcasts, I’ve never heard people ask Ozzy anything in depth about the boas he keeps, or ask Justin about his frogs and geckos.
Whatever you decide to do best of luck with it, I hope to give whatever you come up with a listen one day.