Ball python pricing question

So, I’m thinking about buying a microscale ball python to pair with my scaleless head ball python. How much would you sell a microscale scaleless head ball python for?

That depends on if it’s male or female. And you might want to consider no one has had a scaleless female lay eggs yet. So may not be the best project for your first ball python clutch.


I would sell it for the same price as any other Scaleless


When you’re ready to sell look up comps on MorphMarket using the “sold” filter, price the same as other recent ones have sold for.

Markets rise and fall (usually just fall) so it’s a good idea to do recent market analysis to determine a fair price.

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The op was asking about price for buying one. But the filter will definitely help you to find what the average market price is.

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No, I was asking about how much you would sell the babies for.

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Ok my mistake it appears I was confused lol

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I get where you are coming from saying to be careful with this as a starter project, however, she was talking of breeding the 2 incompletes together to make the super, so there would be no issues with the female laying. It is the super that is the mystery for female fertility currently :slight_smile:

Just a quick note. If you go with this project do A LOT of research on scaleless BPs, the husbandry is a bit wonky, and babies have issues shedding for a bit. They are extremely moisture sensitive, and their skin can be easily irritated with most normal substrates. It will be a niche market and you will need to screen potential buyers well to make sure they know the downsides. They arent great display animals because good looking substrates simply arent an option for them.

All of that being said, ive had a blast with mine so far, and wouldnt bash them outright, you just need to be prepared for them, and then be prepared to rapidly learn what you are doing wrong, because inevitably there will be something haha.

I don’t think it’s that much of a mystery it’s been ten years and not one person has had a scaleless female lay a viable clutch. While it is possible that it will happen but for me at this point I don’t think it will happen.

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Yes, I am aware of the substrate and shedding issues. I am only pursuing this because I’ve done TONS of research.

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I’m not sure if there’s a difference in price between Super Scalelesshead and Super Microscale, if there was I would split the difference, half way between the market market value for both. As others have pointed out, they may be pet only animals, though. At least with the females.

Most of the bigs could not handle the husbandry it seems. They require A LOT of attention. Far easier to care for the incompletes and breed those than to try keeping fully scaleless healthy while also caring for hundreds of other animals. While i agree with you in that there is no evidence of a female scaleless on eggs, ive also never heard of an attempt being made in the first place. I believe this is largely due to scaleless snakes growing much slower to normal ball pythons after a certain size ,as well as not many buyers go on to breed. If my female ever makes it to size, i definitepy plan to test the theory and share my results. That is of course, unless data becomes available that it us unsafe to do so by the time my girl is grown.

Good to hear! Always have to do the courtesy check haha, starry eyes and all xD