Ball Python refuses to eat - Losing weight

My BP has refused food for about four months. She is losing weight and has refused every food item possible. Live, prekilled, frozen thawed, and even gerbils. She regurgitates any attempt at force or assist feeding. her tank is fine and heat and humidity is normal - and she used to eat just fine before about six months ago. She is not of breeding size (shes 650g).

My local reptile vet is closed due to quarantine, and i have called local emergency vets and they will not take her, as they don’t work with reptiles. I am starting to lose hope.

What can i do?

How many times have you attempted assist feeding and when/how long ago was the last time?

Ive attempted assist feeding six times, and attempted force feeding twice. I do give a week between attempts.

It is a general rule to never assist feed any snake besides a hatchling from what I have heard as you can hurt and severely stress the animal. And 4 months isn’t long enough for a BP of that size to starve. Can we see pictures of your setup, and your snake?

First you do not assist an animal that knows how to eat unless the animal is on death’s door what you are doing right now is actually making it worse by stressing the animal (stress = more refusal)

What is your BP’s weight and what is your setup like (enclosure size, substrate, temperatures, how they are measured etc) - How and what did you feed when the animal was eating?

4 months is nothing for an animal that size and a vet with limited knowledge will likely not be of much help unless there is an underlaying cause as don’t often realize that husbandry is often key.


Like Deb said, you are only making her more stressed out and not helping the situation one bit by doing that. I have had females that size not eat for just as long and they did eventually eat and turned out fine. I would say give her at least 1 to 2 weeks before offering food and do NOT try to assist feed again and only try offering from now on unless she is on deaths door like Deb also mentioned. Most of my animals that have gone off feed often times get back on food if you offer something smaller than what they were previously eating.

im not a bp expert but I would cover the tank with a towel for 7-10 days and dont interact with her/he

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