Ball Python & Reptile of The Year ๐Ÿ‘‘ - 2020 - Winners

First and foremost, throughout last year we saw some absolutely beautiful animals from you guys and it has been amazing to be part of putting this together.

Thank you to everyone that has taken part, whether you entered a picture or just voted each month, you have been a huge part just by taking part.

There is no question that we have the best community in the whole hobby, sometimes we can frustrate each other and now and again we get the odd social media drunk stagger in and make a mess, but I really enjoy being part of this place and working on things like these contests.

I want to just say a thank you to @john for making this place what it is and working so hard behind the scenes to constantly improve the tools that we have at our disposal, whether they be for selling, buying or just talking about animals. Without him we would all be stuck in less hospitable parts of the internet.

Now on to the winners.

Ball Python of The Year:
I donโ€™t think anyone can disagree here. This is one absolutely beautiful and unique snake that deserves every single bit of praise that it gets.
There is no need for the enchanted mirror to lie, for the next 12 months they now have the bragging rights to say โ€œIโ€™m the fairest Ball Python in the land!โ€
Congratulations @Swflreptiles

Reptile of The Year:
Again, not many could disagree here. This little beauty was actually my phones lock screen wallpaper for a while. The complete mix of an amazing species, strong colours and brilliant photography skill. For the next 12 months this gorgeous Eastern Indigo is officially the most beautiful reptile to grace our forum.
Congratulations to @creaturesofnightshade

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Congratulations to the winners of every contest along the way, even todayโ€™s losers.

Normal programming will resume shortlyโ€ฆ


I for one can not get tired of seeing this gorgeous EI, striking!


Congrats @swflreptiles and @creaturesofnightshade!!


@eaglereptiles thanks for doing a bang up job facilitating, and for the other mods as well, and @stewart_reptiles who I think originated the โ€œOTMโ€ thing which has turned out to be fantastic.

And just as much, thank you to everyone who participated and will participate this year. We love seeing your animals. With our increased activity on social media you will see more of these photos going out into our other streams as well, with credit of course.