Ball python room incubation

Last season my incubator thats set up in my snake room broke. My snake room is around 82 +/- 2. I literally left the eggs in the broken incubator and they hatched out just fine. Took around 100 days. During this time i was hungry for information. Alot is unwritten. After many OG’s told me to chill just leave them on the snake rack in the snake room i did just that. Good luck finding that in writing. This is proven and i would like to inform the members of this community that its gonna be ok! I think even a sunroom would do it. My sunroom during this time of year stays the perfect temperature! The tub they are sealed in keeps the moisture in. You just need a warm room not a 1000.00 incubator. Of course check the temps in the room of coice. I think Brian Gundy used to use his closet.
Remember heat rises so check the temp up high and keep them up high if thats a sweet spot. This dosen’t have to be an expensive hobby some people have the money to splurge and make there snake room look like a science laboratory :sweat_smile: n yes i say it LA BORR ATORY HAHAHAHAHA


Agreed. My incubator broke last yest too, so I had to use racks for all my eggs in 2022. All in the racks hatched fine.


I think the main reason to still go for an incubator is to more easily avoid day/night temp swings and better hold humidity. But it’s true it doesn’t have to be expensive! So far I’ve done all my incubation from stuff I had lying around from old racks/enclosures, or that I dug out of the trash. I think at under 10 clutches a year you don’t need anything fancy.

And like with most things snake related being too cold can be recovered from much better than too hot. And because of that I do think the old “standard” incubation temps are actually higher than optimal. This year I’m doing 86-87F in my incubator.