Ball python skin problem across the country

Hey all. My sister is snake sitting for her neighbor in Oregon and I live in PA. One of the snakes is this ball python and she just sent me this pic. I know there’s not enough humidity in the tank but this looks like more than stuck shed to me. I already suggested a visit to a vet. Is this a burn, a wound, stuck shed, or something else on its neck?

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Just looks like a few layers of stuck shed and dehydration. Her neighbor seems to not be housing it right, or caring for it well. From the looks of its eye, it might even have a stuck eye cap.


Looks like it might be going into shed again. I’d suggest to up the humidity and a nice warm bath might be useful too. Hopefully the next shed will get any remaining shed off. Do not peel the shed off yourself


Thanks guys. I know about shedding, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious than stuck shed.