Ball Python skipped feeding

If my ball python turns down a meal how long should I wait before trying to feed her again? This is the first time she did not accept a meal … when should I be concerned?

How old is she and how much does she weigh? BPs skipping one meal isn’t too much of a concern and they do it pretty often. It is best to wait at least a week before offering again. A BP at good weight can easily go a couple months without food so you shouldn’t need to worry.


She’s had 3 sheddings with me since I’ve gotten her . I say roughly she is 1 years old and I don’t have a scale for her at the moment the one I purchased i guess couldn’t pick up her weight. I usually feed her 1 small rat every 10 days exact.

Not necessarily for you @mattflores98 (I dont know your experience and make no assumptions about that) But also for non member readers.
Other than checking environment- Just a rare possibility, check the eyes. I bought one with a retained eye cap that i didn’t notice at first till it crinkled, it stopped feeding until I got it off.
Also I see you made a post about a snake not having a full shed. Bits of old shed around the neck causing tightness, discomfort or irritation may also put them off food. Sometime that’s hard to see.

Also if its around 1 KG, could be the wall.
I have had that with a couple of females.

You said you have No scales suitable for snake weights? One solution is;- for larger snakes I use my human scales for a rough estimate. Weigh your self, then weigh your self holding the snake. Then minus the weight of your self to get a rough snake weight. (e.g I am 75kg, and me with the snake is 76.5 kg so roughly the snake is 1.5kg)
Worrks better the heavier the snake is, not to accurate for a snake under a KG . but it gives some idea if you don’t have scales for lower weights for snakes,

Does age make a huge difference in how long they can go without eating?
My 5mo old BP refused his meal yesterday and today. I’ve had him about 6 weeks and he has eaten eagerly every 5-7 days up until now. Today is day 7 since he’s eaten. At what point do I worry? Should i wait another week to try? Or a couple of days? I was thinking of completely leaving him alone for a few days and then trying again. He seems hungry as he gets very active at night when he’s been hungry before. He just isn’t taking it. I’ve checked all the regular culprits and his tub set up is good (exactly as the breeder had him). This is totally unexpected of him. He’s been so easy until now.

Going into shed?

No. Eyes are dark and clear. He hasnt shed since i got him though :woman_shrugging:t2:

Im just wondering how quickly going off food will really start to hurt him given his age and how long i should wait to try feeding him. Hes my first snake.

Yes, absolutely. age and weight/condition.
For an example - A 100g baby has less reserves to survive on than a 2000g adult.

I Have had 2000g females not eat for a year and do well after. Even ovulate.
(that’s ones I bought at that weight that did not eat from arriving to me for various pre conditions, not my own)
I wouldn’t give much chance of recovery or even survival to a hatchling that didn’t eat for a year.


To set some minds at ease, the golden rule of ball python’s eating is pretty much; ‘If it’s ever eaten on it’s own, it won’t starve itself to death’

They will occasionally stop feeding for a month or more at a time if they are over fed. I feed for lean body condition and I almost never have snakes fast. Can’t remember the last time one did in my racks.