Ball python strange behaviour

Hello all. I haven’t been in here since last year but hoping I can get some insight or help?
I have a 13 year old ball python. I’ve had her all her life. Very docile and chill snake. Sometimes a picky eater and has gone on short “fasts” in the past. Last year she layed a parthenogenetic clutch of about 7 eggs. 5 hatched!
The ordeal seemed hard on her though … she took a few months of feeding to get back to herself. She then seemed fine and weight back on with a healthy appetite.
But a few months ago (maybe 4) she went off food for no reason that I can see. But she was still acting normal so no biggy. Checked all her temps and everything was fine. Handled her less and kept offering food every week or two. Well she still won’t eat and her behaviour has gotten strange… normally she mostly hangs in her cold side but lately she is soooo restless. And not “looking for a rat” restless. Can’t even really describe it. Back and forth from hot to cold side. Lots of climbing her branch and basking, lots of soaking and drinking water. She’s having little pees really regularly. Very skittish around me now :frowning:
I just lifted her hide to check in her (middle of the day where I am) and she’s awake and defensive… I didn’t want to get bit so I put her hide back in her.
I’m getting really concerned… she is normally the golden retriever of snakes. But she’s unhappy, restless and losing weight. I thought maybe she’s going to have another clutch but the last time she tolerated me taking her out she was underweight. Doesn’t look like eggs in there.

What do I do? What’s wrong?

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Have you considered a vet visit to make sure she doesn’t have something internal happening?


Yes I’ve been reaching out trying to find an exotic vet in my area in case, but I haven’t had any luck. There is a local breeder I know and I messaged her asking. Just waiting to hear back.
I figured until then, I would reach out here!

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You can find a vet here:

That’s the website for the “Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians.”

I would definitely get her seen. With a major change in behavior such as you’re describing, physical issues need to be ruled out. This is especially true with an older animal, but is true regardless of age.

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Def see the vet. Sounds kinda like she may have another partho clutch coming, buddy. Those are behaviors I’d expect from a female ovulating. Temp seeking, no appetite and moody. At least that’s how my wife acts.