Ball python substrate

Whats the best natural bedding for a baby ball python


You’re going to get a lot of different answers here based on different people’s opinions, personally I’ve found what works the best for me is a mix of 2/3 eco earth coconut fiber to 1/3 prococo chips. It holds humidity well, is easy to spot clean and provides some texture for them to scoot and dig around in


I do pretty much the same


I also do this mixture. Works really well.

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To add to this discussion since we all use some combo of coco bedding. As do many professional breeders or larger hobbiests. I’ve recently heard staff @ my local reptile shop that I frequent telling customers to use cypress mulch instead of coco because when coco dries out it pulls moisture from your reptiles. I’ve been going there for years and only started hearing them say that recently. It’s not a sales plot imo as they have plenty of both types to sell to customers so no need to push 1 over the other for sales reasons. Personally I don’t care for the splintery type bedding cypress mulch makes just for the possibility of accidentally ingestion.

Had anyone else heard anything like this?

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Depending on what your local humidity and/or home conditions are like, you could also try aspen shavings. I mix mine with sphagnum moss and then just slosh some water on it near the warm end when it’s looking too dry, misting as needed when animals are in shed, or adding in more moss, and it works great for my own set ups (it also stretches farther cost wise, but that’s just me). But it might work better or it might not work at all for you.

For me it was a lot of just playing around with what was available to me (either locally or online) and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve also used:

Plain coco chunks

Aspen + coco chunks (makes the coco blocks last so much longer, and doesn’t hold too much humidity if you house is anything like mine in the summer. Sauna.)

Eco earth (Ehhhh, I liked it, but it’s super messy and turns to mud if you’re too heavy handed with water… or your snake is a chronic swan-diver.)

Repti-bark (smelled nice, but it didn’t hold humidity for long. Was fine in summer, but needed frequent misting or something mixed in any other time.)

And just straight up sphagnum moss for my hatchlings last year before I switched them to aspen+moss.