Ball Python temperatures

I am using reptichip, ultratherm heating pad with a thermostat, and a plastic tub. I have the probe below the substrate so the temps below the surface are correct (90° is what I have the warm side set at) but the surface temp of the substrate is almost 10° cooler. I am only using about an inch of substrate. My question is should I turn the temperature up to make the surface area 90° which would cause the below surface area possibly to be to hot or should I leave the setup as is? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just remove the substrate from the hot spot and place the probe between the UTH and tub (outside of the enclosure). You don’t want to have the temperature to be higher than 90°F as it is unsafe for a BP.

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Thank you. I was thinking about replacing substrste with paper towels so there was no loss of heat

No need, remove the substrate from underneath the hide, keep the rest.

90 should be good for them if they ever need more heat they usually burrow themselves into the substrate so whether you have an inch or more they’ll try to get under to warm up in that case you should probably turn it up a bit

I disagree with @fernandoa suggestion.
90 is mostly the highest temp you would want for a BP. Any hotter than that can stress them out, lead to feeding issues and if you plan to breed, isn’t good for a males sperm. Also if by chance your BP has spider in it, that’s far to hot for them as it will cause a wobble that wasn’t present to all of a sudden come out of nowhere.
88 degrees is good, they do well even at 86.
General rule in my experience, cooler is better than hotter, less issues all around.