Ball python trouble

i have a juvenile ball python and hes around 3 months old and hes always been a finicky eater and ive been able to get him to eat a small live mouse about every week but its been about 2-3 weeks and he hasnt eaten ,he doesnt have any signs that hes sick or anything and hes active and is super good and i havnt tried to feed him anything else but im just worried about him

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I wouldn’t worry to much. He is young but definitely nothing to worry about yet.
What you could do since he is a finicky eater, try feeding him every 2 weeks. It’s perfectly healthy to not feed snakes every week. In the wild they are lucky to get the amount of meals they usually see in captivity. And I would keep feeding him live for awhile longer, and if you want him on f/t then give that a try after he’s eaten consistently for at least 4 meals.
Try to not feed him large meals. Smaller meals will more than likely get him to eat more often.

Just to put your mind at ease, I have a male ball, he’s 4 years old coming up on 5. For the first year and a half he ate every single week, even in shed. He never missed a meal, literally. Then he went off food for 10 months and only lost about 100 grams of his total 1600 gram weight. Of course he was established so he could handle this long fast, and he now eats if I’m lucky 6 times a year for me. He still loses very little during these fasts. And he is around 1559 grams still, so they can go a very long time before you need to worry.


Ball pythons are know to be some of the more finicky eaters. @mnroyals is spot on with him is advice.

This is the important part! I would not be worried sounds like your animal is fine. Just keep an eye on the weight and make sure they are having normal bowel movements. Try not to offer food to frequently and be patient. I’m sure they will be ok just give it a little time.


New owner with non feeding hatchling, troubleshooting 101


okay thank you that makes me feel much better

Of course, keep us posted with any future concerns or questions.
I’m sure he’ll be just fine :).